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Hi, I'm Wren.

And my skin is anything but perfect.

I've dealt with milia since early childhood. I started getting acne as a teen, and still have acne as an adult. I've used every over-the-counter acne cleanser and spot treatment, even resorting to a prescription Retin-A at 14 years old. Kids would often tease me, “Ever heard of ProActive?”

Instead of feeling so frustrated/self-conscious about the way my skin looked, I decided to become a student of my own skin. It was in this journey I discovered my passion for esthetics, and decided to combine my knowledge of products, ingredients and skin conditions to help others feel better about their skin, too. 


My journey led me to attending the Institute of Personal Care Science, which granted me the opportunity to connect with skincare ingredients and formulations on a deeper level. I began formulating my own skincare products in 2014, and later attended Oxford Academy of Hair Design in Seymour, CT, where I received my 600-hour Esthetics Certificate. I am now licensed in the state of Connecticut, an upstanding member of Associated Skin Care Professionals, and certified with Dermalogica and Skin Script brands.

Even after all this education and familiarizing myself with my own skin, I still have the milia, along with large pores, eczema, redness, flaking/peeling, sun damage, crow’s feet, sagging jowls and lax neck. These are all things that come with aging and being exposed to the elements — things we cannot control. But we're not trying to achieve perfection here! The goal is to bring out your unique radiance and work with your skin's natural function.

One of my favorite things to do is work with different products based on your unique skin conditions until we find the ones that work best for you. We can’t change our DNA or our skin’s enzymes, but we can accept and embrace them while supporting the health of our skin.

Let's work together to bring out that glow!

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Have questions about any of my services?

Let's chat.

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